Parc & Affiliated Repeaters

This list includes W6NWG repeaters operated by PARC and other repeaters open to use by PARC’s members. All W6NWG repeaters are located on Palomar Mountain and are open to all amateurs.

Frequency Tx Tone Call Sign Remarks
52.680 107.2 W6NWG Linked to 147.075 repeater
146.730 107.2 W6NWG System Fusion enabled. See Note 1
147.075 + 107.2 W6NWG System Fusion enabled. See Note 1
147.130 + 107.2 W6NWG System Fusion enabled. See Note 1 
447.000 107.2 W6NWG System Fusion, FM Mode only  – EchoLink enabled: Node Callsign W6NWG-R
147.030 + 103.5 KD6DCF ECRA 2 Meter Repeater
447.800 88.5 KF6AJM ECRA 70 CM Repeater
224.900 107.2 WD6HFR Convair/220 ARC
224.380 107.2 KK6KD HARS  Hispanic Amateur Radio Society:  Palomar Mt. Open
224.940 107.2 KK6KD HARS: Sharp Hospital Chula Vista, Open
145.260 107.2 KK6KD HARS: San Diego, Open.
147.945 107.2 KK6KD HARS: System Fusion enabled. Mt Miguel, San Diego, Open.
448.460 151.4 KK6KD HARS: Mt. Miguel, San Diego, Open.
145.460 110.9 XE2DXA HARS: Tijuana, Mexico, Open
146.970 107.2 KB3PX Vista. Sponsored by MetroNET
146.175 + 107.2 N6FQ Fallbrook ARC; linked to 445.600
445.600 107.2 N6FQ Fallbrook ARC; linked to 146.175
145.050 (s) N/A W6NWG-1 Packet node; linked to Metro 9600 net
146.700 N/A W6NWG-3 Packet duplex repeater; Duplex  

PARC operates an (amateur fast-scan television) repeater. It’s currently off the air. Currently there are no links to other ATV sites.

ATV in: 915 MHz WBFM, audio subcarrier 5.8 MHz
ATV in: 2441.5 MHz WBFM, audio subcarrier 6.0 MHz
Intercom: 146.415 MHz NBFM simplex (tone 79.7) (currently not working)
ATV out: 1241.25 MHz VSB, NTSC standard

The PARC repeater site on Palomar Mountain is located at 5560 feet above mean sea level and 2132 feet above average terrain. It covers most of San Diego County and beyond into Mexico and out to sea, and is shielded from the North.

Note 1: All Fusion enabled repeaters require a CTCSS tone of 107.2 Hz to access the repeater and also transmit a 107.2 Hz tone. Since the repeater output has a 107.2 Hz tone you can enable CTCSS receive tone squelch on your transceiver which will eliminate interference from spurious noise and other repeaters.
Control operators have the capability of setting the Fusion repeaters to FM only operation. Consequently if you can’t bring up the repeater in C4FM digital mode, try using normal FM mode. When in FM mode all Fusion repeaters have a 3-minute maximum transmit time, after which the repeater will cut off transmission until after the received signal drops. To prevent timing out the repeater, after someone finishes talking, wait until you hear the courtesy beep, which indicates that the 3-minute timer has been reset. If a transmit timeout happens, the repeater will provide a voice message indicating that the maximum transmit time has been exceeded.

Note 2: PARC no longer operates an autopatch or a packet BBS.


VHF Repeater Coverage

Bernie N6FN has provided these two pdf files with the actual coverage of PARC’s VHF repeaters. (Note these are downloads)

The maroon color indicates  strong signal  suitable also for high power HT
Yellow color is marginal
There are some covered areas  north of the repeaters, but the are basically in high elevation mountain range.