Regular on-the-air nets sponsored by the Club:




Net Name/Manager

Tue/Thu/Sat 2000 146.730 NTS Traffic Net (SDCTN)
Marvin KD6YJB
Sunday 0830 146.730 ARES Net
Sunday 1900 147.130 Handi-Hams Net
Marcia KG6FIX
Sunday 2000 147.130 Oceanside CERT
Joe N6JO
Backup frequency:  see note 1
Sunday 2045 147.075 MARA Emergency Services

Mike N6CDX

Monday 1730 147.075 C4FM Fusion Technical Net 
Monday 1915 146.730 RACES Sub-Net 
Monday 2000 146.730 Carlsbad CERT Net
Mike W6MBM
Monday 2000 447.000 Winlink Net 
Monday 2100 146.730 Microwave Net (inactive)
Kerry N6IZW
Tuesday 1830 147.075

San Diego RegionalEmergency Response Communications Net

Mickey KI6CSY

Tuesday 2000 147.195 (main)
147.130 (backup)
Red Cross Net
Ted Thompson
Wednesday 1900 146.730

*Temporarily on Vacation*
Boy Scouts of America
Net Kevin AK6Z

Wednesday 2000 146.730 Field Day Planning Net
(except 1st Wednesday)
Thursday 2000 147.075 SATERN Net
Thursday 2100 146.730 Ham Help Net
Brian AG6CF
Friday 1200 146.730 Friday Lunch Bunch Net
Tom W0NI
Friday 1900 146.730 C4FM Community Help Net
Brian AG6CF
Starts in FM mode, switches to C4FM
Friday 2100 146.730 Hiker’s Net     (inactive)
Nightly >2200 147.130 Facetious Group 
Saturday 2000 52.680 6m Emergency Services Net (inactive) 

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Note 1:  This is a backup location to the CERT Net on Oceanside CERT WF6OCS repeater 144.505 (+, PL 107.2) as the Primary Net freq; and also state for info see


Scheduled Special Events on the repeaters:

Special events on the repeater will be announced in the Events section of the site

If your organization wishes to use PARC repeaters for a scheduled event, please send the details of your request to as early as you can. We require at least 3 days notice for non-emergency events.