August 2024 General Meeting

Wednesday, August 07, 2024 at 7:30 pm


PLease NOTE – New Location for Meetings!

Carlsbad Senior Center
799 Pine Ave. Carlsbad CA 92008
senior Center room #100


Doors open at 7:00 pm for pre-meeting socialization
meeting starts at 7:30 pm

Speaker Scheduled – Bruce Bergman AI6Q – General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), Family Radio Service (FRS) and Amateur Radio

Bruce Bergman AI6Q will talk about GMRS, FRS and Ham Radio.  As Hams, we encounter GMRS and other radio services, such as the Family Radio Service (FRS), when supporting events in our community. 

Come listen to Bruce Bergman, AI6Q,  give an overview of the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) with focus on frequency channels, modes, and equipment as used in Southern California by ham radio operators to augment other communications. In addition Bruce will explain the frequency overlap with the Family Radio Service (FRS).  A licensed operator is allowed to use up to 50 watts on the GMRS channels.  Both GMRS and FRS are used frequently in emergency communication situations and outdoors activities by both Hams and non-Hams.  There are currently 336,513 GMRS license holders as compared to 386,513 Technician class license holders.  This is clearly an important and popular mode of communication.
Bruce Bergman, AI6Q, is an Extra class ham located in Carmel Mountain Ranch. He was first licensed as a 5-wpm code Novice in 1981, and moved up the ranks from there. He has always been involved in disaster/emergency services, and acted as the Escondido ARES EC for a brief stint in the 1985-1987 timeframe with EARS, before joining the San Diego American Red Cross chapter as the Mass Care Officer and communications advisor. He was a team member of San Diego Mountain Rescue for 10+ years through the arrival of his first daughter in 2000. Since then, he has worked with various organizations such as RACES, CERT, and ARES, and lately has been enjoying helping with race support communications. He enjoys building go-kits (has built three unique versions), and messing with GMRS radios in support of race organizations. He is a Senior Engineering Manager at Lytx, and a career software engineer. 


Join us in-person at

carlsbad Senior Center
799 Pine AVE., Carlsbad, CA 92008
Senior Center Room #100

or via Zoom at:
Meeting ID: 987 3689 7490
Passcode: 001960

PARC was founded in February of 1936 and strives to provide the best services available to the San Diego HAM community.  PARC hosts monthly membership meetings at the Harding Community Center (3096 Harding St, Carlsbad, CA 92008)., details about the next meeting can be found on the Events page.  We also host several annual events, like Field Day, Operating Day, and a picnic.  Our repeaters serve not only as a means of communication for all HAMs in the area, but also host specific nets to allow specific topic discussions or practice for emergency preparedness.  Some of our nets include the National Traffic Service (NTS), MARA, SATERN, and Red Cross.  Special interest nets include Microwave, Ham Help, Handi-Hams, and the new C4FM Help group.

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Radios for Scouts is a program that the club sponsors, through generous contributions by our members, to provide a brand new pre-programmed Baofeng radio to local Boy Scouts who pass their Technician class exam and obtain their first callsign! Please contact the board for information on sponsoring this project

Our repeaters are located near the top of Palomar Mountain, at about 5600ft above sea level, and operate on a battery bank that is fed by commercial power.  We proudly maintain independent power for several weeks in the event of an extended grid outage, and indefinitely if we make a trip with a generator and fuel.

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to give a shout out on our repeaters, or join us for our monthly meeting!
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The ARRL supports Amateur Radio interests across the country, striving to promote awareness, and protect rights by keeping an eye on the latest from the FCC.



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Scouting BSA

The Boy Scouts of America organization is committed to education of youth in many ways, primary in being prepared for whatever life may throw at you, communication is part of that and we are proud to support local troops by supplying a brand new handheld radio to scouts who earn their Technician (or greater) license and complete their radio merit badge!



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