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Palomar Amateur Radio Club
Post Office Box 73
Vista, CA 92085-0073

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 Main number: (619) 361-1731 (text capable)


 The Board

President Joe P, K6JPE
Vice President Chris S, KD9LF
Treasurer Jim W, K2VO
Secretary Jim C, W6TQS
Director #1 Ron G, AJ6FQ
Director #2 John S, W6XM
Membership Chair Glen C, AI6RR
Repeater Tech Chair

Site Chair

Mark R, KF6WTN


Scope Editor Keith S, KM6CXW
Eligible, but not currently on the Board:
Webmaster David H, KN6WNN
Trustee Michelle T, W5NYV

The board members might have or mail aliases.



PO Box 73 Vista, CA 92085-0073


(619) 361-1731