The November Scope Newsletter  has been posted.
you can see it here:

Do you have an interesting ham shack to show?
Do you have something you would like to share or demo with the group?
PARC would love to see it and heard about it.
It would be great to put together a "show and tell" program for a PARC membership meeting but we need your support.
There are 2 ways you can participate and you can do BOTH if you wish!
1 If you would be willing to talk for 5-10 minutes about your shack, please email at least five pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your antenna and maybe how your coax gets in/our of your shack.
We will put a slideshow together and give multiple members the opportunity to share.
2 If you have an item you would like to bring to share, just email a brief note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you have something to share and are willing to talk for 5-10 minutes.
We will update everyone at the next PARC meeting on what we have received and see if we can pick a date for PARC show and tell!

We're putting together polo shirt orders!!! 

We asked around and an overwhelming majority of members wanted polo shirts with pockets, so we teamed up with BigFrog Custom T-Shirts to come up with a solution.

What we came up with are the Hanes 054P Pocket Polo shirt.  There are a few options, you can get them with the club logo on the right front, and your name/call on the left front (over the pocket) with nothing on the back.  This is the base cost of $21.00 for our bulk order (2XL +$2.00, 3XL +$3.50, 4XL +$5.00).

If you want the logo larger and on the back, you can have this instead of the front logo or in addition, the cost is $5.00 extra either way.

We can also do the same in white, but with a full color logo in the same options, the prices are the same as above.


Please contact the board for more information or to place your order!

Include:Name and Callsign (as you want it to appear), Size, Polo/Tshirt, Color (blue or white), and where you want the logo (front, back, or both).

Please note The Red Cross net hosted on the 147.130  repeater has a new schedule.
Time has changed from 20:00 PST to 21:00  PST.

Net list and event calendar have been update accordingly.

Let me answer the question right away:
I changed everything for one simple reason: the old site was.... old.
Seriously, it was a good site but it was not designed to be seen on every kind of devices we have now (tablets, smartphones)
The new design, is "responsive"  which means it adapts itself to the size of your screen allowing a smooth navigation without the hassle of panning  zooming and scrolling.
I also tried to re-group information in some sort of "logic" categories and remove some duplicates that were scattered on several pages.
We have a huge amount of media, mostly photos and videos, with part of the latest  that were hosted on the site and part on YouTube.
With the new layout I have embedded everything into the site, so there will be no need to look and search on different sites.
Unfortunately, moving this big amount of files is very time expensive, so forgive me if some content will take longer to appear on the new site.
About searching: I think the Joomla engine ( the base coding of the site) has the best search engine you can ask for.
I'm still working on it, but at the end you will be able to search the site, by keywords, tags, date, time and publishers.
Web Links: I added a weblink sections, so if you have some useful resources please share!
There is also a new Manuals/guidea section: again, if you have some hard to find manuals (especially for old or unusual equipment) please share.
Where do we go from here? The new website is based on a CMS (content management system) and the possibilities are infinite.
We can leave it as is, or we can add features like discussions boards, local classified, shout-box, event managing, team work, wiki projects, etc.
Some features might require a log-in, (e.g. posting a classified) and I'm working to allow users to sign in using they Facebook account, rather than creating a specific on for the site (only name, callsign/nickname and a valid email address is required)
Feel free to contact me for any concern, question, suggestion and bugs  (I'm sure there will be plenty), or just to send me to hell  hi-hi!

That's all folks! I hope you will enjoy the new site.

73 de Guido/NO6I
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..